Meeting of the Afghan delegation with the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund

2019-08-28 04:25:08

Zaman Meivandi, the head of the National of Environmental Protection agency, met on 8 August 2008, on the last day of the Global Climate Fund Planning Conference, with Janice Golmirk, Executive Director of the Green Fund. During the meeting, Mr. Meivandi emphasized the approval of Afghan projects and asked the Chief Executive of the Green Climate Fund to consider and prioritize Afghanistan's first proposal to the Green Climate Fund, which is the Ministry of Rural Development and Solar Energy Project. . Mr. Meivandi also reiterated two concrete suggestions he made to the participants in a speech on the second day of the conference, which once again offered to the Executive Director of the Fund a (special) allocation of funds to the Green Climate Fund for countries. During the war, after the conflict, he was still a member of the aforementioned countries on the Green Climate Fund. Recently, Mr. Meivandi invited Mr. Gulmirek to come to Kabul and meet with the President of Afghanistan. Mr Gulmirek said we are doing our best to approve the Afghan solar power project and urged their technical colleagues at the meeting to pay close attention to the matter. Afterwards, the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund said two specific Afghan proposals were reasonable, saying that we were also trying to simplify the project approval process. They also expressed their gratitude for their invitation to Afghanistan: "I wish to travel to Afghanistan with an achievement. He also provided useful advice to the Afghan delegation on developing proposals.