Opening of National Environmental Information System

2019-09-02 04:04:03

The National of Environmental Protection Agency for the first time introduced the National Environmental Information System on September 9, 2019 with the participation of Shah Zaman Meivandi, the General Director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, Ahmad Javid Rasouli, the General Director of the National of Statistics Agency and Professional, Financial and Administrative Affairs. University professors, president of the Spin Soft Company, chiefs and staff of the office, civil society and media representatives opened the office at Cole Heshmat Khan Hall. In his opening remarks, Shah Zaman Meivandi said: "This system helps us in collecting data and environmental data on climate change, biodiversity, wildlife, plants, climate pollution, forests, developing effective policies and other environmental sectors." . Mr. Meivandi described the activation of the system as part of the agency's continued efforts to institutionalize the system: "It continues to provide reporting to international financial mechanisms and treaties, connecting secondary units and strengthening the National Agency of Statistics and information facilities." Provides the necessary tools, and the use of this system has actually begun. The head of the National of Environmental Protection Agencey invited students and members of civil society to use the system in their research. Ahmad Javid Rasouli, head of the National of Statistics and Information, called the National Environmental Protection Agency unprecedented: One of the goals of the system was to share information and continue to improve the management and effectiveness of the work. He assured them of continued cooperation to enrich the system. Engineer Ahmed Tamim Kabiri, Information Technology Officer provided information on how to operate, record data and figures, reach students and users at different levels during the presentation. At the end of the program, employees who were active in activating the system were honored.