Participation in Youth and Governance Conference

2019-09-25 05:03:10
The Institute for Good Governance Studies organized a conference under the name of Youth and Governance on September 21, 2019, attended by Schah Zaman Meivandi, Director General of the National Bureau of Environmental Protection, Ajmal Shahpour, Deputy Minister of Information for Youth and Culture, Borna Karimi, Former Afghan Ambassador to Canada. A group of students from Kabul University held a joint audition at the university.
At the start of the conference, Ahmad Etemadi, the executive director of the institute, gave information to the participants about the activities of the institute in the areas of rule of law, fight against corruption, peace, youth participation in the system, transparency, green governance and protection. Works from the environment and natural resources.
Afterwards, Mr. Meivandi thanked those involved in the program for his work experience and education to provide youth with the right approach and goal. He told them: "If you want to achieve high academic degrees and government positions, long term vision and Extensive.Crossing over comfort, coping with failure and failure in life and striving for further education, he said: "Don't miss an opportunity, pursue higher education, and have enough experience to reach your goals." Get it.
At the panel meeting, Mr. Meivandi answered the students' questions about the achievements, activities and progress of the National Environmental Protection Agency.Also, Ajmal Shahpour, deputy director of youth affairs at the Ministry of Information and Culture, called the launch of such programs effective, citing poverty, unemployment, extremism and lack of access to education for all of the problems of youth in today's society.The former Afghan ambassador to Canada, Borna Karimi, then emphasized the active role of youth and women in local, national and e-government sectors.Samiullah Hakimi, vice president of the Kabul University Students' Union, described the benefits of good governance as accountability, responsibility, transparency, information, public participation, balanced development and social justice.
Recently, the conference was aimed at students (and not plastic) for students and participants.