A five-year plan for the implementation of clean air has been initiated

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<p><p>The National Environmental Protection Agency for the first time proclaimed a five-year plan for the reduction and prevention of air pollution recently approved by the High Commission for the prevention of Air Pollution on Thursday, July 25, 2019 at a press conference in the Government information and media center.<br><br>The press conference was attended by Shah Zaman Meivandi, General Director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, Engineer Amanullah Ghaleb, General Director of Breshna Company, Engineer Ezatullah Seddiqi, Deputy Director of NEPA, Dr. Mahtab Alimi,Deputy director of Municipality Services, and Bismellah Taban, Chief of Policy and Strategy at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Idrees Melyar, Deputy Director of Policy and International Relations at NEPA, members of the High Commission for the prevention of Air Pollution.<br><br>During the press conference Mr.Maiwandi earmarked that the main goals of the plan are to reduce and prevent air pollution and factors damaging the environment, to prevent the diffusion and increase of elements altering the physical and chemical properties of the open air, to avoid adverse effects of air pollution on human health and a viable environment, and to improve state of the environment. Mr. Maiwandi added that it is a national plan and would be implemented in the capital and provinces.<br><br>Mr. maiwandi mentioned that the prohibition of disposable plastics gradually up to 2024, serious and effective consumption management and quality determination of coal, bounding pupils, civil servants and private sector for tree planting from 2021 onwards are to be the main factors of this plan.<br><br>In order to better implement the plan, chief director of NEPA called on all fellow citizens, media, government agencies, private sector, education sector and civil society to assist NEPA in a timely and better implementation of this plan.<br><br>Later Engineer Amanullah Ghaleb, Chief Director of Breshna company promised sustainable electricity supplies, extension of electricity to other provinces and promotion of renewable energy use as a commitment of Breshna in order to reduce air pollution.<br><br>Dr. Mahtab Alemi, Deputy Director of Kabul Manucipality made an indication of future plans of Kabul Manucipality such as asphalting roads, paving sidewalks, sustainable city cleaning, collection and transportation of garbage outside the city in a timely manner, purchase of new vehicles for cleanliness and regulation of irrigation in a bid to alleviate air polution.<br><br>Dr.Bismellah Taban, Chief Startegy Officer at the Ministry of the Interior, promised to create and increase vehicle check-in and traffic flow regulation and also the creation of a green environmental violations that have been compounded in the country's penal code in order to prevent increase of air polution.<br><br>Meanwhile Engineer Ezatullah Seddiqi, Deputy Director of NEPA, presented information about current stance of air quality in Kabul, manner of implementation of this five-year plan in the future and on establishing a sustainable air quality monitoring system for attendees and reporters.<br></p><p><br></p></p>