A tripartite meeting of Afghanistan, the Green Paper and the United Nations Development Program on the proposal of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

2019-08-26 05:02:25

Shah  Zaman Meivandi, General Director of the National Environmental Protection agency  and their accompanying delegation with Green Climate Fund representatives, including the Head of the Climate Change Fund and senior UNDP representatives, on a proposal submitted by the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development to the Technical Assistance Program The United Nations Development Plan was elaborated and discussed in detail. Following the technical discussions conducted by the representatives of the UNDP and UNDP, Mr. Meivandi added, "This project is of paramount importance to Afghanistan and any delays in the approval process of the project will not only meet the objectives of the NDC National Partnership." The country has been influential, but also influencing the process of developing the CountryProgramme National Program. " It is noteworthy that the National Environmental Protection Agency successfully obtained the first preparation program (Readiness 1), which is currently under implementation and still two days before the proposed preparation of the second preparation program (Readiness 2) worth one. Millions of dollars were sent to the Green Climate Fund for approval. Subsequently, the head of the Green Fund's programs assured the Afghan delegation of expediting the approval process for the project and promised to cooperate in this matter.