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Sustainable Development

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as a member of the United Nations, is committed to the implementation of the goals of sustainable development and has been mandated under the enactment no:16 and point:4, dated (20/07/1394) by the ministry of...


The Directorate for the Conservation of Natural Heritage has been operating in regulating, protecting and monitoring the natural resources of the country under the sixth chapter of the environmental law in the National Environmental Protection...


Climate Change Directorate has established based on requirement on 2010 at National Environmental Protection Agency Framework. This Directorate works on Climate Change and its impacts through the country and based of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s...

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Directorate of Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation was established in the management framework of NEPA in 2010 based on the implementation of payroll system, which had five departments in its debut year and currently has the following four departments: