News History

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1 Environmental awareness was given to 300 teachers and students of Ansar Madrasa and Dar Al-Aitam. image
2 Emphasis on better coordination between Government departments and the private sector in accessing the financial resources of the Green_Climate Fund image
3 In Paktika, a rare bird has been freed from the hands of poachers image
4 Discussion on National Determine Corporation during an exclusive meeting of National Committee for climate urgency image
5 Call for Open Government Participation in Gathering Proposed Issues from Various Societal Segments for Inclusion in the National Action Plan 3 image
6 Rescuing rare species from poachers image
7 Explaining climate change problems in the Amu River through sustainable energy management and ecosystems image
8 Meeting between Director General of the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Deputy Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development image
9 Emphasis on improving cooperation in order to achieve environmental projects image
10 The challenges and difficulties of the last subunits will be solved image
11 Afghanistan is preparing for the 26th Session of the Un Climate Change Conference Change (# COP26) image
12 The Director General of the National Environmental Protection Agency emphasized on increasing coordination and collaboration with the private sector image
13 International Environmental day was celebrated, as well as an exhibition of natural landscapes held in Kabul Zoo image
14 The New General Director of the National Environmental Protection Agency has been officially announced image
15 The provinces are celebrating World Environment Day. image
16 Goodbye ceremony of Shah Zaman Maiwandi with colleagues in the National Environmental Protection Agency image
17 National Consultative Workshop on Review of Assigned Contributions (#NDC) document image
18 The chairman of the National Environmental Protection Agency signed documents of twelve protected areas. image
19 Closing Program of Forest Rehabilitation Project to Improve Ecosystem Services in Afghanistan image
20 Provincial environmental activity image
21 Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental volunteers Network image
22 Closeing of a consultative workshop (National Policy Plan and Review of the Afghan National Partnership Document) in Herat image
23 Appreciation for the work of Shah Zaman Maiwandi, Director General of the National Environmental Protection Agency image
24 Ministers from South Asia gather online to discuss Nitrogen Management image
25 NEPA held a meeting with representatives of the Capital Zone Development Authority for expanding environmental cooperation image
26 Discussion on the project “Plastic Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia” image
27 Discussion on cooperation between National Environmental Protection Agency and ‎Agha Khan Development Network image
28 Maiwandi: More than 680000 trees have been planted on the national tree planting day, we are trying to reach the set goal image
29 The Tree planting campaign was celebrated under the slogan”the tree of peace and prosperity” image
30 Acting minister of Education: “all the students and teachers participate in national tree planting campaign”. image
31 Kabul Mayor, I support the national tree planting campaign with all power and facilities ‎ image
32 Celebrating National Soldier Day; emphasizing the role of security forces in environmental protection image
33 More coordination with the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands in the National seedling planting Campaign. ‎‏ ‏ image
34 General Director of National Environmental Protection Agency meets the United Nations ‎Development Program (UNDP), Director for Afghanistan image
35 A one-day Symposium held for combating air pollution image
36 introduction of the Deputy Director in Planning, Policy, and Oversight of the National Environmental Protection Agency image
37 NEPA held a two-day training workshop on the use of the newly created Climate Change National Information System Portal image
38 The role of customs is important in preventing the import of ozone-depleting gases image
39 Approval of the activities of 3 projects in the 11th meeting of the Special Committee for (ESIA) image
40 Holding the Meeting of the Leadership Committee of Small Assistance Programs image
41 NEPA held a two-day training program entitled "Obtaining GCF Accreditation for ‎Direct Access Entity (DAE)"‎ image
42 A consultative meeting was held on the Development of a national environmental policy image
43 National Environmental Protection Agency Press Release Welcoming US Return to Paris Agreement image
44 Meeting of the Coordination Committee of sapling planting for the year 1400 image
45 NEPA celebrated the constitution week image
46 NEPA conducts a consultative meeting entitle “Prioritization Criteria for Afghanistan’s Identified Project Ideas for the Green Climate Fund” image
47 Inauguration of administrative building of Kapisa Department of Environmental Protection image
48 The Director-General of NEPA appreciates the sincerity and efforts of the previous Deputy Director of policy and ‎international relations of the agency. image
49 Awarding prizes to the winners of the first book reading and environmental article writing competition image
50 President Ashraf Ghani's keynote speech at the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 image
51 Organizing Environmental Information System (NEIS) Training Workshop image
52 Conducting an Online Meeting on the Review of the Nationally Determined Contribution Document of Afghanistan image
53 Emphasis on the role of the media in protecting the environment and combating air pollution image
54 Monitor project implementation to reduce the risks of climate change accidents image
55 Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Agha Khan Foundation image
56 Mohammad Ashraf Ghani listened to the reports of programs, performances and activities of the NEPA. Via video conference image
57 Monitoring air pollution sources continued image
58 Supervising the activities of more than 4400 classes, including towns and high buildings in different parts of Kabul image
59 Religious scholars deliver 2300 environmental speeches image
60 Director General of NEPA Met with Four European Countries Ambassadors for Afghanistan image
61 Director-General of NEPA Met with Governor of Panisher Province image
62 Invitation to Mobilization for Environment image
63 Air pollution figures from various districts of Kabul image
64 The Process of closing Towns Continues image
65 Air pollution figures in Kabul image
66 The Executive Committee of Wildlife Performed a Meeting image
67 The General Director of NEPA's Journey to participate to (COP25) image
68 Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation signed With Algharafa Welfare Foundation image
69 Director-General of NEPA Traveled to Farah Province image
70 Director-General of NEPA Met With Headship Board of WCS image
71 Emergency National Climate Committee of Afghanistan image
72 Director General of NEPA arrived in Bamyan province to announce Shah-e-Foladi and Bamyan Plateau protected areas image
73 Discussion about Mutual Environmental Agreements between Afghanistan and Tajikistan image
74 A one-day Green Customs workshop held image
75 Director-General of NEPA Met with Bamyan Governor image
76 Participation of Deputy Director General of NEPA in 15th Meeting of the Governing Council of South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme in Bangladesh image
77 The signing of Environmental Agreements with MoIC, MoHRA and Azizi Bank image
78 Leadership Committee Meeting Small Grants Programme (SGP) image
79 Experimentation of Alawodeen Drinking Water Pump Station image
80 Celebration of Environmental Drawings Competitions image
81 Deputy Director-General of NEPA Met with Industrial Union Member of Herat province image
82 Celebration one- day workshop about the final concept of Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) Project image
83 United Nations Global Campaign on Sustainable Nitrogen Management image
84 Inauguration of the First Implementation Workshop the Conservation of Snow Leopards and their Critical Ecosystem in Afghanistan image
85 Chemical Management Unit Inaugurated image
86 Meeting with Assistant of Ulema Council of Balkh and Visit from Fajar Radio image
87 The Climate Change International Week Celebrated in Nangarhar Province image
88 The Climate Change International Week Celebrated in Balkh Province image
89 the 8th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers image
90 The Climate change International Week Celebrated in Herat Province image
91 Deputy General Director of National Environmental Protection Agency Met Kandahar Governor image
92 Meeting with Assistant and Inspector of Balkh Province image
93 Schah-Zaman Maiwandi Director General of National Environmental Protection Agency met with Mr. Ata Mohammad Noor image
94 Director-General of National Environmental Protection Agency arrived in Balkh province image
95 Meeting with Governor of Balkh image
96 Small environmental contributions technical program committee meeting performed image
97 Meeting with members of civil society regarding implementing 5-year air pollution prevention plan image